Looking back – STARTER’s projects

Dodano: Gru 24 2014 Autor: Starter

Looking back at the past year, we have implemented vast number of interesting projects, inspirational speakers and experienced entrepreneurs visited STARTER and there were many people satisfied with participation in our events. There is no doubt – it was a very intense year of fruitful and rewarding work, which fills us with great daily dose of creative power and ideas to the next extraordinary projects. And this year, we expect variety of them!

Challenge is the opportunity for greatness

We like challenges, as we set the bar higher each day, creating new, „impossible” to complete tasks. This ensures that the participants of our projects are still positively surprised and pleased with the variety of activities that we offer.

Just take look at this year’s, repeatedly realized projects, which once again were popular among STARTER visitors:

  • Held in STARTER second edition of the World Conference TEDxKids@Przymorze, in which children play the role of the speakers and in a passionate way talk about their interests. For this year’s event tickets sold out within the first 2 days!
  • Gdańsk Business Week – organized by STARTER, the City of Gdańsk and the Washington Business Week – international program that promotes taking right decisions by young people in the process of planning their further education and career path. This year, the GBW was attended by nearly 90 students from Gdańsk Metropolitan Area, 5 students from the United States and several volunteers.
  • The third edition of Global Entrepreneurship Week and 400 participants who the event has gathered during 7 days of training, meetings and numerous business talks. The formula of the event has been based on 4 aimed at different target groups events lasting from several hours to several days.
  • Go Creative. Biznes na Start – the twelfth edition of „Business Start” and the second edition of „Go Creative”. The project aimed at people who plan to start their own business in the creative industries in the City of Gdańsk, once again allowed to emerge interesting ideas, including: designer reflective vests or the application which turn the kilometers made on the bike into tram or bus ticket.

And that’s just some of the projects once again carried out by us this year.

First minute, first round!

In 1965, Muhammad Ali knocked out his opponent, Sonny Liston at the very beginning of the first round, setting a new world record. In STARTER we also try to work the most intensively as possible, right from the start. While obviously no one is knocked out ;), but we certainly set new records, and take next challenges!

  • Starter Rocket, the first accelerator program in northern Poland – 7 meetings during four months, more than 100 hours of intensive meetings with the participation of more than 50 mentors from Poland and abroad, and an exciting finale (Rocket Spotlight), during which six great projects with global potential presented themselves before the investors and the audience.
  • infoShare Startup Zone – a special zone for innovative projects and global competition for startups Startup Contest held during the eighth edition of the biggest free IT&New Media conference, attended by more than 2 500 participants! This year, 90 startups from all over the world are going to take part in the contest!
  • Social Media Show – 4 days of several hour-long meetings in the social media aura, and in addition to that: 12 speakers and 150 people signed up for each day in just few days after running registration! Great atmosphere and a large dose of knowledge, which, of course, this year we plan to spice with even more attractions.

  • 3hack party – the most laid-back event in the field of new technologies, on which, together with the STARTER, over 500 people had fun! An unforgettable time, exchange of experience and new contacts – an event simply impossible to replicate!
  • CodeWeek in STARTER – the European Week of Coding in STARTER. The event attracted more than 200 participants and was accompanied by trainings, meetings with representatives of IT companies, the enormity of ideas and a good number of interesting projects which was being created even till late night hours.
  • Lekcje Przedsiębiorczości (eng. entrepreneurship lessons) – the first such project implemented jointly with the City of Gdańsk, based on the introduction of gamification to education. The pilot program takes place in 6 schools in Gdansk, where certain teachers carry Business Lessons with the use of gamification, with the active participation of 150 students!
  • EDU Inspiration – new, exciting series of meetings aimed at teachers and others involved in education and interested in innovative teaching methods. Approx. 100 people have signed up for the premiere meeting!

Think big!

That’s our motto! What pushes us forward? The satisfaction of well-done job, the contentment which we can see on the faces of our project’s participants, involvement of the people supporting our projects and numerous successes of our STARTER businesses. And there is just more and more of them!

Not so long ago we had the opportunity to celebrate in Copenhagen the global success of CTAdventure, and soon after, we informed about the awards gained by AudioTrip.

The finalists of our acceleration program – the Starter Rocket – has also been noticed abroad. SIP, dr. Poket, Fashionote, StructView, Pressium and Pin Your Client yet before Rocket Spotlight have started to conquer the world! And that’s not all.

End of the year also brought recognition for our business and confirmation of our daily efforts. During the ICT Summit, with the City of Gdansk, we celebrated earning the title of “the city of start-ups” for the support we provide interestingly promising projects with. We do hope that another entrepreneurs will appreciate the possibilities of our business environment institution which is not only active in the development of businesses, but still shows that with the right support, Polish entrepreneurship could be appreciated not only in Poland, but also abroad.