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Clipster is a European-scale unique initiative functioning in Gdańsk. This innovative space in a creative location of Garrison of Culture is a place for those for whom it is important to develop in a creative way and achieve business goal, cooperating with tutors and artistic community at the same time. In Clipster you live, work and network: you have everything that is needed to verify your business idea in a safe way.

Clipster was set up as an initiative of Starter and Alfabeat. This is an active and full of passion community: place dedicated to work, live and realize your goals.

Apart from possibilities to gain knowledge from several experts representing various fields – Clipster’s idea is also to work and live together and meet constantly with the community which inspires, stimulates each other and also enables one to launch new interesting solutions – says Kinga Kuczyńska from STARTER.

Cipsterzy_Piotr Bialobrzeski, Grzegorz Wons

People living there are convincing others that it is worth to benefit from Clipster’s offer.

– The biggest advantage of the programme is the possibility to be among those who have a similar attitude to business development, with many ideas, good suggestions, possibility to broaden contacts and gain valuable information about other people’s experiences – says Grzegorz Wons.

Among projects that are developed at the current residency programme you can find:

-app for active diabetics by Olga Pustovalova

-new medical device created by Tomasz Gabrysia

-MachinaRoom – a form of entertainment for groups, developed by Piotr Białobrzeski, which makes anyone feel like a contructor

– 7 Journey – portal for youth that helps in achieving goals by Jan Witkowski.

In Clipster we develop also such ideas as: a school for learning to swim, shop with horse – nursing equipment or artificial intelligence system to automatize research on metabolism. Apart from creators of innovative solutions people looking for their own projects are also living there. Some of them are telling us about their activities:

– In Clipster I realize the path of my personal development. I joined this place with aim of improving my business skills and joining one of the teams. For now together with the tutor we are working on the proper direction of my future career. To achieve that I discuss it with many specialists from IT field who have various experiences – says Bolesław Pająk, Clipster’s resident.

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