Gdańsk Business Week

Dodano: Wrz 02 2014 Autor: Starter

On July 20-25 2014 there wasn’t probably any other event such as IV edition of Gdańsk Business Week – a one-week-long business course for teenagers, which was attended by nearly 100 participants from the country and abroad.

On Sunday, the 20th of July, Eliot Brimage – the Chair of the Week from Jostens company hosted the official launch of the program. After a brief greeting and mentors presentation, the group of participants was divided into teams, in which they worked together during the whole week, learning how to be open minded, manage the time and cooperate in team.

Throughout the duration of the project, the program was very tight. Immediately after an early breakfast, participants were engaged in numerous projects, which included i.a.: designing products with unnecessary waste, business simulations in which strategic decisions were taken, the exercise of self-presentation and improving speeches in English language.

The project partner – Gdańsk Science and Technology Park on July, 23th in the context of ICT Day invited all participants of Gdańsk Business Week to its modern offices, where they all could meet the representatives of the companies operating there. On those day, the participants also came to STARTER, where we prepared plenty of attractions for them.

On the last day of the program Entrepreneurship Fair was held, during which participants tried to prove that as the managers they would be able to develop and maintain a particular company in the market. Afterwards, the students presented their innovative products, the invited guests played the role of investors and decided which team has the best thought out product and the best sales plan.

The Closing Ceremony of Gdańsk Business Week just like last year’s edition, was held in the majestic Artus’ Court, and we have used this occasion to ask participants about their experience.

What I learned on Business Week is to never give up and always fight till the end. Once we made a mistake which led our „company” to bankruptcy, the entire team was arguing among themselves who is to blame,however, we were able to reconcile in the end and thanks to this strength we’ve done better than we could imagine – told us Krzysztof, whose mother persuaded him to participate in Gdańsk Business Week.

– Knowledge gained during Business Week refers in a very large extent to everyday life, it is about being open-minded with positive attitude towards life and the desire for further development – adds Krzysztof.

Adam about Gdańsk Business Week learned from his friends from school.

– At first I did not know what to expect, but I was aware of the possibilities which association of graduates GBW – Alumni offers, therefore I wanted to try. Apparently there were only six days, but I took advantage of them really well. I was the CEO of my team, from whom I received a lot of support, we could count on each other. The program allowed me to test my skills in being a leader and work as a team, now I know how difficult it is to direct the work of others.

Gdańsk Business Week is not just about teenage participants, but also about experienced managers from Poland and US, who played the role of Business Advisers and were supporting young people during the whole week.

Steve McGraw

– Gdańsk Business Week is very intensive program in which, for me, the most interesting thing is contact with another person. As a rule, when you work in a team, you don’t have time to focus on the other person. You have to perform the task as good as you can. This program gives you a whole different perspective, it broaden horizons. As advisors, we let participants to make mistakes, giving a sense of responsibility for their work – said Malgorzata Zalewska Project Management from InvestGDA.

This year, I finished the program with a sense of big play and the knowledge that one needs to keep a distance to determine what is really important. From all over week, what most etched in my memory is the mission of one of the companies that perfectly reflects the atmosphere of Gdańsk Business Week, it is one simple sentence: „Have fun, do your best, and maximize the outcome!” – said Malgorzata Zalewska.

And this is what we wish to all this year’s, but also prospective participants of Gdańsk Business Week. Do not be afraid of challenges, believe in your abilities and just say:

“Yes, I can!”

Gdańsk Business Week is organized by The Gdansk Entrepreneurship Incubator STARTER, City of Gdańsk, the Washington Business Week and is co-organized by The Marshal. The Silver Sponsors of the project were: City Transport, InvestGDA, Energa and the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone.